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To address the lack of aspiration among the younger generation in Tamil Nadu to be involved in agriculture.

How can we bridge the gap between the younger generation and the agriculture sector?

Project Type



9 months





Aging farming population

Tamil Nadu’s farming population faces an ageing demographic, necessitating interventions for sustainable agriculture. Research reveals currently the average farmer age is 50.1 years.


Based on the research paper by Parvinder Maini(2011).


Field visit_Farmer X Younger generation

Engaging in conversations, conducting observations, and interacting with farmers, their families, and the younger generation provided invaluable insights into the multi-level issues and root problems underlying the challenges in agriculture.

Ecosystem Map

Agricultural aspiration disconnect


This ecosystem map is a visual representation of the extensive research insights I gathered, offering a deeper understanding of the interconnected and multifaceted nature of the agricultural aspirations disconnect among Tamil Nadu’s youth.


By mapping out these insights, I gained valuable insights into the complex dynamics at play and pave the way for targeted interventions and solutions.

Rooted Mapping

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Ideation Framework to focus

Utilizing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I identified self-esteem as a key area to address within the farming community in Tamil Nadu. By restoring the value and prestige of farming, my project aims to inspire younger generations and elevate the perception of agriculture as a respected and fulfilling profession.

System tools

System Design Tools

Design through research

Using system design tools, I delved into the intricate dynamics of the agricultural system, uncovering valuable insights and identifying crucial gaps and disconnections. These findings guided my approach to tackle the challenges and create opportunities within the system. By closing these gaps and empowering the younger generation, my design aims to reignite their interest in farming and pave the way for a sustainable and thriving future in agriculture.


Through enhanced accessibility and increased exposure to farming, I aim to inspire and engage the younger generation in the agricultural sector.

Designing service experiences

Service blueprint and system map

Service blueprint: Shows interactions and experiences within the service system. Identified areas of concern and guided improvements for enhanced design.


System map: Illustrates interconnections, stakeholders, and dependencies in service delivery. Enhanced understanding of touchpoint for three services. Iterative process for comprehensive insights.

All three System Map.png

Visualizing User Experience

Wireframes and Flow Diagrams

To create user-friendly and easy-to-use interfaces, I began by designing a flow diagram as a visual guide.


Using flow diagram as a blueprint, designed hand-drawn wireframes that capture the essential features and interactions of the app and website, for a smooth and intuitive experience for users.

Brand Identity

Logo_Font_Colour Pallet

The name “Rooted” embodies the concept of rediscovering our agricultural heritage and embracing our roots in farming. It signifies the importance of reconnecting with the land and nurturing a sustainable relationship with nature. The logo’s colors are chosen to represent the core values of sustainability, education, and nature, which are integral to the brand’s identity.


Through “Rooted,” we aim to inspire a renewed passion for farming and cultivate a brighter future for agriculture.

Service Blueprin

Website design

User friendly_Simple_Visuals

Rooted is a forward-thinking agricultural brand dedicated to fostering a strong relationship between the younger generation and the world of farming.


Our goal is to inspire a deep connection to agriculture and promote a sustainable future through education and access to resources. We provide the tools and knowledge necessary to grow your own food, cultivate an appreciation for farming, and elevate it as a highly respected field.


To know more visit our website Rooted.

Our services_Rooted

Three services_Seedling, Sprout & Terra

We offer a range of services, including Seedling, Sprout, and Terra which cater to individuals at all stages of their farming journey.

Screenshot 2023-04-18 at 9.12.13 pm.png


Subscription service for children to learn about farming and grow food at home.


Learn farming through experiences, farm visits, internships and workshops offered.


Rent out a land for growing food, with the support of farmers. All resources and support will be provided.


Create your own farm at home!

Seedling is a subscription service offered by Rooted that provides children with the opportunity to learn about farming and growing their own food. With Seedling, you’ll receive a kit that includes everything you need to start your own farm at home. Our kits come with easy-to-follow instructions, and we offer online resources and support to help you along the way.

Seedling service

How does it work?

Seedling is an 18-month subscription service for children above 9 years. Each month, subscribers receive a kit.

What's in the kit?

This is just 2 kits out of the 18 kits.

Seedling app

Guidance_Peer Platform

Our app serves as a comprehensive guide for the kit, providing users with step-by-step instructions and valuable insights. It also enables users to share their progress, seek assistance from fellow users, and create a supportive community.

RJ Vayal - Screen 19.jpg

Sprout & Terra

Farming experience with farmers!

Revolutionizing farming experiences by connecting the younger generation with agriculture and fostering sustainable practices for a brighter future.

Sprout & Terra service

How does it work?


Sprout is a service that offers engaging farm experiences through internships and workshops. It allows people from diverse backgrounds to gain firsthand knowledge in fields and beyond.


Activities extend beyond planting and harvesting crops and include various aspects like dairy care, farm equipment maintenance, and designing farm machinery.


Terra enables users to rent small plots of land for personal food cultivation. With easy crop selection, convenient raw material delivery, and seamless communication with farmers.


Terra brings farming closer to the younger generation, promoting sustainability and community in food production.

* These two services are currently being developed through active discussions and collaborations with farmers and other stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure their successful implementation by incorporating valuable input from the farming community. We are dedicated to bringing these services to life in a way that is relevant, effective, and beneficial to all involved.

Sprout and Terra app

Guide_calculate and supply

Users can conveniently input their desired crops and land area through the app, and the necessary raw materials will be calculated and are delivered to their farm upon payment.


Sprout and Terra app


The app also enables users to update farmers, track their activities, and pursue farming as a hobby alongside their other commitments.


On non-visit days, users can update farmers via the app, and farmers will take care of their plot.

Launching Soon..

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