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I'm Subhashwini Raja Ramasamy

Having recently graduated in Industrial Design and experienced education across three different countries, I've been fortunate to develop a unique perspective on various design cultures. To me, design isn't just about creating new things; it's a way to shape fresh experiences and discover solutions that truly matter. It's the tool we can use to bridge gaps and bring people closer together.

As a designer, my heart is deeply connected to the environment, every living being, and the beauty of nature. I believe that design goes beyond just serving humans; it's about harmonising with the ecosystem. This sense of responsibility is something I carry with me always, alongside an unquenchable thirst for learning. It's this spirit of curiosity that empowers me to take on challenges eagerly, driven by the belief that these challenges are opportunities to make real, tangible improvements in the lives of people.

Through my journey, design has acted as a magical key, unlocking doors of opportunity and propelling me toward becoming a more introspective and thoughtful designer. With a strong belief at my core, I see design as a powerful way to make life better for people. This belief drives me to use what I know to create solutions that really matter. By combining people-centered design, unwavering dedication, and a constant thirst for learning, I'm ready to create innovative ideas that will make a positive difference in people's lives for the long run.

To know more about me and for collaboration, Feel free to get in touch here

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